Boeing 737 Business Jet

registration available:   

with this registration, you are flying Corporate America. You could formate with Air Force One and come away divinely, this is a super-special ride...

until now it has been buried by all the negatives that are associated with Aircraft, the USA, etc, but as explained in the Gulfstream IV section, it now has a place in the 'world reg' listing and with that of course, it becomes free.

Offers over $200,000 p.a. will be considered (subject to use approval)

For airways allocation without N737BJ, please go to Division Blue.
Gulfstream IVSP

Registration available:  

I value this at 10,000,000 per year. This is based on the added corporate station and therefore market potential of flying 'the big white', not to mention the exalted position of flying not only, perhaps the prettiest private jet of all time, but with the world's ONLY exact model/registration on it's tail. THAT is an experience worth the value alone, superspecial!

There are very few registration/aircraft pairings even close to this one, THIS is  aviation PURITY

This pairing is so strong that it has allowed individual Country registrations to transcend the normal Country associations to be a part of the global oneness of personal registrations free from all negative Country specific 'attachments'.

A clear new oneness = A clear new airway

for airways assignment only, please go to Division Blue

I will consider any offers, from as low as 25,000 per year as it's not flying at present which is a shame,

the proceeds will go, as usual, to our charity, so it's a tax friendly transaction and win, win, win, win, win all the way!